The Fantasticast Episode 75: Fantastic Four #66 - What Lurks Behind The Beehive?

The Fantasticast Episode 75

The Fantasticast Episode 75

Sgt Fury's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Hello, and welcome to our special 75th episode* spectacular. To celebrate 75 episodes* of The Fantasticast, Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland decided to invite a special guest onto the show. In no way at all was the special guest invited, and at a later date Steve discovered that this was going to be the 75th episode. Oh no.

Joining us this week is writer and critic Seb Patrick. A regular contibuter to Den of Geek and, Seb is one half of the writing team behind the time-travel SF radio sitcom A Brief History Of Time Travel. He's also a seasoned Marvel-ite and podcaster, and he joins us to look at Fantastic Four #66, featuring the first almost-but-not-quite appearance of cosmic Marvel hero Adam Warlock.

Along the way, we ask the burning question of just what would happen if KITT were a suspect in CSI, and we hit one of the all-time great number one singles.

Why not check out some of Seb's writing at, or follow @sebpatrick on twitter? ( A Brief History Of Time Travel is available from, where the entire series is availble on a pay-what-you-want basis.

*Using our best Marvel-style numbering, we're casually ignoring at least three episodes to arrive at this figure!

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