The Fantasticast Episode 62: Fantastic Four #54 -Whosoever Finds The Evil Eye...

The Fantasticast Episode 62

The Fantasticast Episode 62

Year Three of The Fantasticast is here! If we were Batman, we'd be introducing our kid sidekick right about now... But as we legally can't do that, instead we're going to return to Lee and Kirby following our end-of-year shenanigans.

Steve Lacey (20 Minute Longbox, Who True Freaks) and Andy Leyland (Heykids Comics, Who True Freaks) are here to guide you through Fantastic Four #54, featuring the first appearances of Prestor John and the Evil Eye, two bastions of the Marvel Universe who definately aren't unknown by most readers of comics, oh no.We also dive into our e-mail bag, swing with Ol' Blue Eyes himself, and imagine the moment of JJ Abrams' birth.

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