The Fantasticast Episode 53: Fantastic Four #47 - Beware The Hidden Land

The Fantasticast Episode 53

The Fantasticast Episode 53

sue's inappropriate haircut

When would be the least-appropriate time to get a haircut? 10 minutes before you're expected to walk up the aisle? Halfway through the Mens 100m Olympic final? Or on board a plane zooming halfway around the world, chasing a mysterious super-powered being who has kidnapped another mysterious super-powered being and who may very well turn against mankind?

Well, the Fantasticast is here to reveal this answer. Steve and Andy get to grips with Fantastic Four #47, as the saga of the Inhumans steps up yet another level. The Royal Family is back together, we go to Attilan for the first time, and we meet Maximus - but is he Magnificent or Mad?

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