The Fantasticast Episode 41: Fantastic Four #35 & Strange Tales #130

The Fantasticast Episode 41

The Fantasticast Episode 41

Andy's Amazingly Awesomely Authentic American Accent

It's challenge week over at The Fantasticast, as a surprising e-mail to the show leads Andy into uncharted vocal territory.

Fantastic Four #35 sees a whole slew of firsts for the title. The Wizard and Paste-Pot Pete escape from Strange Tales, The Sandman transfers over from Amazing Spider-Man, and we get the first ever appearance of a member of the Inhumans - Medusa. Then, in Strange Tales #130, Steve and Andy's American accent get to grips with a guest-appearance by none other than... The Beatles.

Joining us at the very end of the episode (and at no other point) is Beatles and Marvel Comics podcaster Josh Lapin-Bertone to briefly look at the Fab Four's appearance in Marvel continuity and to introduce the number one song, co-incidentally a Beatles track. Many thanks to Josh for joining the show for a couple of minutes.

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