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The Fantasticast Episode 32: Fantastic Four #29, Strange Tales #123 & Tales of Suspense #55

The Fantasticast Episode 32

The Fantasticast Episode 32

Now With Genuine People Personalities

The 32nd episode of the Fantasticast is here, and Steve and Andy are ready to guide you through three Silver Age issues of Marvel goodness.*

*WARNING: Goodness is used for descriptive and not literal purposes.

We start with Fantastic Four #29 - It Started On Yancy Street, featuring the return of a surprise guest-villain and the first instance of Jack Kirby's photo montage. We then move to the origin of The Beetle in Strange Tales #123, before briefly checking in with the Tales of the Watcher in Tales of Suspense #55.

Along the way, we read listener e-mails, and make more references than a referency reference guide that references references.

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Original artwork by Michael Georgiou. Check out his work at mikedraws.co.uk

Episode cover design by Samuel Savage.