Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders

The Fantasticast Episode 91: Fantastic Four #79 - This Monster Forever?

The Fantasticast Episode 91

The Fantasticast Episode 91

Carry On Not Brand Echh

Steve and Andy return with an human Ben Grimm, a former submarine commander now in charge of a group of marines, and a daikaiju and horror film-loving guest-host. Yes, Luke Jaconetti joins us once again to finish off the story of the human Ben Grimm and the team's battle with the Wizard. This issue has it all - dinner dates, Irish stereotypes, and a robot with a tortologous name. This is Fantastic Four #79, and we are your guides.

We also take a look at an issue of Captain Savage And His Leatherneck Raiders. Guest-starring ace fighter-pilot Ben Grimm, Captain Savage #7 has it all - POW camps, Irish stereotypes, and excellent Dick Ayers artwork.

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